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Tips For Planning A Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most important and exciting days of your life, but organising it can be daunting, time consuming and very stressful.

A recent survey reported that the average cost of getting married is estimated at over £17,000 and the biggest source of wedding stress is organising everything, with the average bride spending 250 hours planning the big day!

So, in order to avoid some of that stress, and make your day extra special and unique here are some of our top tips to think about when planning your wedding:


When choosing your venue, think about what style and mood you want to achieve. Do you both like contemporary or traditional, huge or intimate, is it a summer or winter wedding and is it the best venue for your chosen season (or vice versa)? Does it fit your wedding style and does it tick all the boxes for your family and friends as well? If you would like a marquee wedding think about whether you have a family member with a large back garden, or look onto other locations where you can hold a marquee wedding – they do exist you just need to do some research.

Don’t be afraid to delegate jobs and ask for help. If you take on all the responsibility yourself you will get stressed! Think about what other family and friends’ like doing and have hidden talents for – if your other half likes cars ask him to book the transport, is your aunt a fantastic cake maker and would she like to make your cake? And don’t forget the mum’s, they will love to help and if they have a clear job or role it can make the planning much easier and keep everybody happy. But don’t forget to make lists, and have regular family meetings to discuss everybody’s input, and then there will be no surprises! Of course, if there is the option of using a wedding planner then they source all the best suppliers and make all the lists for you!

Try to add some personal touches to the day and your guests will remember them long after they have danced the night away. Is there a theme to the day that everybody will associate with you both? How about childhood photos of you both on your invitations (especially if you were childhood sweethearts) or personalise your table names that mean something to you both e.g. names of wines if you are both wine connoisseurs.

Don’t forget your guests as well, personalising your invitations or leaving a personal welcome note in their rooms at the hotel will make them feel extra special.

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