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A Guide to Choosing the
Perfect Wedding Favours

Traditionally, wedding favours are given to your female guests at your wedding reception; as a small token thank you for sharing your special day. This tradition can be traced back hundreds of years throughout Europe where bonbonnieres were handed out; normally a porcelain, crystal or metal box filled with delicacies made of sugar, which over the years have been replaced with five sugared almonds representing health, wealth, longevity, happiness and fertility.

Today, wedding favours are still a tradition; but with many twists. From traditional bomboniere nets to boxes, from chocolate hearts to jelly beans, from heart bottle stoppers to organza bags; anything goes and everyone is looking for that something different.

What is right for you? Look at your wedding favours from a different angle. Forget the traditions, forget that your grandmother says you have to have sugared almonds, forget what all your friends had or are having. Look at the bigger picture.

Imagine what your guests will see when they walk into the reception; then imagine what each guest will see as they are seated. Imagine the full picture and each individual picture. What will they see? Look at it from your guest’s view.

Your wedding favours, whilst ticking the box for tradition, should also form part of your wedding reception décor and provide your guest with a token that they want to keep and won’t be thrown out with the mint wrappers.

Is a CD with someone else’s musical taste your idea of a gift, or would you prefer a stainless steel bottle stopper that will remind you of the great day you had at your cousin’s wedding?

If you want just a small gesture just place a chocolate foil covered heart on a rolled, tied napkin – inexpensive but effective. If you want to incorporate your namecard with a wedding favour, add a personalised tag to a box or net. If you go for boxes, why not surprise your guests by having chocolate footballs for the men and a preserved rose for the ladies.

Whatever you go for, ask the Bestman to add to his speech a little explanation of what wedding favours are and to remind your guests to take them home.

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