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Why Hire A Professional
Make-up Artist For Your Wedding

With the date set and the venue booked, more and more brides are turning to the services of a professional make-up artist to help them achieve a flawless and long lasting look for their special day. Having a dedicated person arrive at your venue can be a lovely treat for the bride and bridesmaids but what just should you look for in a make-up artist?

Firstly, I would strongly recommend that you look for a professional that works as a make-up artist & is not doing it as a sideline or hobby. Not only will a professional have more experience, be insured and have an established make-up kit but they will also have testimonials from other brides and pictures for you to see.

Secondly, it is important that you have a trial with your make-up artist. A good make-up artist should listen and work to achieve the look you want; whether it is natural, pretty or dramatic. There should be no pressure, you must feel free to test drive the make-up for the full day before making any decisions or paying a deposit. There should always be feedback following a trial to allow you to discuss any problems and changes you might want to make.

Thirdly, a make-up artist who is freelance and not affiliated with a particular brand will be up to date in the latest products from all the ranges and is free to get the best products in their kit rather then being led by a brand because they get it cheaper.

A good make-up artist can be a real asset, advising on skincare, treatments and teaching you how to make the most of your features and let's not forget the wealth of tricks of the trade to making you look good on film without the need for heavy or unnatural make-up.

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